Welcome to our San Diego MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym. We’re the leading MMA gym in San Diego, with MMA classes and training designed for Beginners to Pros. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry. We’ll teach you rock solid fundamentals before moving you up the ladder. If you do already have experience, we provide world class training to develop you as far as you want to go.

We work with fighters at all stages of development, but we pride ourselves on building our athletes from the ground up. We’ve had many fighters that started with us as regular students and worked their way up to Amateur MMA Championships and successful Pro careers. And if you don’t want to fight, that’s fine. We’ll still teach you how to defend yourself while getting in great shape.

We teach the most comprehensive MMA classes in San Diego. We’re geared towards beginners who want to learn MMA, as well as experienced fighters looking for advanced training. So if you’re just starting out, don’t be intimidated. Many fighters started here with no experience and we coached them every step of the way. We’ll do the same for you if you have the desire and determination.

Our San Diego MMA classes teach the building blocks of Mixed Martial Arts. Even if you don’t plan to compete, these MMA classes are great for learning to fight while getting into shape. And for those who do plan to compete, we’ll create a specific training plan for you to maximize your progression. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll be invited to Team training. That’s where the fun really begins.

Once you’re ready to start your San Diego MMA training with our team, your development and progress will really take off. Besides continuing to improve your skills in all the other programs we offer, you’ll receive advanced MMA skillsets including specialized Striking and Grappling instruction, while getting to train alongside some amazing athletes.

Our Amateur MMA team is the largest and most successful in San Diego, as well as the rest of California, and we have a young, hungry Pro team. We also host fighters from all over the world who do their training camps with us. So if you’re already a fighter and want to train here, just contact us or come on in.

We provide 4 MMA Coaches for our program, allowing our athletes to benefit from our Coaches’ vast experience and expertise. Chris Leben, a veteran of 22 UFC fights against opponents such as Anderson Silva, specializes in teaching cage work and grappling for MMA. Baret Yoshida, a 2x Jiu Jitsu World Champ, teaches his famous submission style of Jiu Jitsu, as well as Jiu Jitsu defense.

Coaches Vince Salvador and Charles Martinez teach our ambidexterous style of Striking, known for its ability to fight from both sides while using multiple angles of attack. This Striking system is one of the most advanced in the sport and has led many of our fighters to numerous victories.


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“I first started training Wrestling here in San Diego and worked my way into striking. Muay Thai and Boxing. Then we had the amateur MMA team tryouts and I went to that. They said “You’re on the team. Keep coming to the team practice.” Then they told me “Hey, you’re ready to fight”. I had my first fight when I was still in high school and just kept moving forward. We have a lot of up and coming Amateur MMA fighters and guys who just started making their Pro MMA debuts. The coaching here is awesome.”



“Back in 2016 I stopped by here to check it out and within like the first few days I really knew this was where I needed to be at. They’ve fully supported me in my goals in pursuing MMA. I’m always in the environment and I’m always watching, and they just had my back from day one.”


Ready to take it to the next level? Want to compete for one of the best teams in MMA? Then become part of Team Arena. Preparing athletes for competition is the backbone of The Arena and one of the primary reasons why we do what we do here. All you need to do to start on the path to compete for us in MMA is to complete our “Ready to Compete for The Arena” form.

Whether you’re just beginning in MMA, or you already have Amateur or Professional experience, we have you covered. If you’re a Beginner, we’ll make you a skilled Novice. If you’re an experienced Novice, we’ll take you to the top of the Amateur ranks. If you’re a high level Amateur, we can get on the road to a solid Pro career. And if you’re a talented Pro who’s willing to put body, heart, mind and soul into it, we can bring you to a World Class level.





Looking for the best MMA training program gym near you? The Arena is the largest martial arts facility in San Diego, with over 27,000 sq feet of training space and daily MMA classes. The Arena has a reputation of building fighters from the ground up, with dedicated MMA classes for beginners to advanced members. In addition, we have San Diego’s only 4500 sq. ft. dedicated MMA training room, with +3000 sq ft of mat area.
MMA, short for Mixed Martial Arts, is the combination and integration of Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and other specific styles, into a person’s knowledge and application of Martial Arts.
The main benefit to MMA training is having a more complete understanding and applicable skill set for self defense situations. Altercations can occur with many different variables. Learning MMA can better equip a person to deal with each of these variables due to specific styles of Martial Art having strengths and weaknesses in each. Examples of variables are, the attackers size and strength, weapons involved, the distance from the attacker, etc. Those are examples only concerning the attacker. How about your variables? The setting and location?
16 oz. boxing gloves, MMA training gloves, shin pads, and a mouthpiece is generally required equipment that The Arena Pro Shop can provide members with.
Mixed Martial Arts all begins with the learning of individual styles of martial arts. Begin your training with specific martial arts like Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, or Muay Thai. Then you will be able to integrate these arts and become a mixed martial artist.
We offer various membership options to fit your specific needs. Our most popular unlimited training membership is under $100 monthly.
As with most complex activities, an individual should expect to progress in MMA with a minimum of 3 weekly classes or more. Remember, martial arts is and will become part of your lifestyle.
Members come from all over San Diego to train at The Arena. Our MMA gym is easily accessible in Point Loma off the 8 freeway on Midway Blvd. Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Bay Park, Downtown San Diego, Golden Hill, Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, North Park, South Park, La Mesa, El Cajon, Clairemont, College Area, Miramar, Kearny Mesa, Clairemont Mesa, City Heights, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Coronado, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach.


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Former Arena Staff Zach Visits

Zach is back! Always good to see Zach Tenorio in the gym. Whether working the front desk, fighting MMA, or competing in Jiu Jitsu, Zach is always a great representative of The Arena! Great to have him in to visit headquarters! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Zach Tenorio:

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