What Not To Do During An MMA Fight

If you thought an MMA fight was a ruthless fighting frenzy with no rules, you would be very wrong. All sanctioned mixed martial arts bouts have rules, and most fights fall under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts which includes a long list of fouls that are put in place to protect fighters. Commit …Read More

Training Tips For Your First MMA Fight

If you’ve been training for awhile, you might be ready to try your first amateur MMA bout. The best way to gauge as to whether you are ready or not for that first step into the cage is to talk to your instructors and trainers at your MMA gym. Of course, if you don’t belong …Read More

The World’s Best Boxing Movies

Boxing is a fantastic form of exercise and just as much fun to watch as it is to participate. For those who love everything about boxing, it is a good idea to take your love of boxing onto the big screen and make sure to catch the following great boxing movies. The top two boxing …Read More

Fighters Who Put The “Mixed” In Martial Arts

The whole idea behind mixed martial arts is that fighters learn and utilize a variety of skills from different disciplines. While there are fighters who generally rely on one particular type of fighting, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, here are a few great fighters that have an impressively full arsenal of martial arts skills. Few fighters …Read More

Interesting Facts About Boxing

Boxing has been around for centuries; in fact it was one of the sports in the ancient Olympic games of Greece. There is evidence that the sport of boxing was around as early as 688 B.C., although it differed somewhat from the sport we see today. Here are a few interesting facts about boxing and …Read More

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