The Arena is proud to announce the launch of our new Sparring Program, starting Monday June 16th. This program will help advance Boxing and Muay Thai students into competitive fighting, including USA Amateur Boxing and various Muay Thai organizations.

In addition to the 24 Technical Muay Thai, 20 Technical Boxing, and 5 MMA Striking classes we already hold, we will be adding 10 Sparring classes a week for a total of 59 Striking classes weekly. NONE of these classes will be “Cardio Kickboxing” 

This is the largest dedicated Striking Program in the U.S.! No where in the country will you be able to find this many REAL Striking classes a week.

Sparring Classes / Times will be as follows:

Boxing Sparring will be Mon-Th. at 5:30 pm and Sat. at 11 am. Muay Thai sparring will be Mon-Th. at 6:30 pm and Sat. at 10 am.

Coaches will be Vince Salvador, Charles Martinez, Ernesto Martinez and Lucky Nhlengethwa. So you know you will be getting the best in the business.

Now come on in and get your Sparring on! We will be here waiting for you.

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