Welcome to The Arena’s San Diego MMA program. We’re the top ranked MMA gym in San Diego for instruction, offering the best in MMA training and the largest number of Combat Sports classes available anywhere in the U.S.

We offer training to those just starting out all the way to high-level Pros. So if you’re a beginner, DON’T be intimidated. We pride ourselves on building our students from the ground up.

Most of our fighters started here with no experience and we guided them to success every step of the way. We can do the same with you if you have the desire and determination.

We have the most successful Amateur MMA team in California, and a young up and coming Pro team, providing great training partners to work with.

We also host fighters from all over the world who do their training camps with us. So if you’re a fighter and want to train here, just contact us or come on in.


All of our MMA classes are included in your membership as part of 170 weekly classes total, all for under $100 a month. Besides our MMA classes, we offer many other programs. Please click below for more info: