Welcome to The Arena’s San Diego Boxing program. We’re the largest Boxing gym in San Diego, with 35 weekly Boxing classes / practices and 170 Combat Sports and Strength & Conditioning classes a week total.

Our San Diego Boxing club is led by famed Coach Joe Vargas. Working alongside him is 4x USA Olympic Boxing Coach Basheer Abdullah. Under their leadership, we have the largest and most successful Pro Boxing Team in San Diego, as well as one of the fastest growing Amateur Boxing programs in the U.S.

We’re NOT a “Cardio Boxing” gym. Instead, we offer the best Boxing training and facilities in San Diego. You can train here to compete on a world class level, integrate Boxing into other sports such as MMA, or simply take Boxing lessons while enjoying the numerous benefits “The Sweet Science” offers.

With the largest Boxing training area in San Diego, we have everything you need. Our gym offers a huge amount of heavy and specialty bags, treadmills, a large padded training floor, and 2 elevated Competition Boxing rings, which create a much better Sparring environment than single ring gyms.

We can also accommodate large Boxing tournaments, with seating for over 500 spectators, including Silver/Golden Gloves and other Regional and National qualifiers. We will be the host of the Silver Gloves in Spring 2016.


Besides our Boxing classes, we offer many other programs, all included with membership for under $100 a month. Please click below for more info: