Welcome to The Arena’s San Diego Boxing gym page. We are one of the top Boxing gyms in San Diego, focusing on providing the best Boxing training for students, Amateurs and Professional fighters.

Our Boxing classes are all taught by experienced, Professional Boxing coaches. We can teach you to Box for Competition, integrate Boxing into other Combats Arts such as MMA, or simply train in Boxing correctly while you enjoy the numerous benefits “The Sweet Science” has to offer.

Our gym has the largest Boxing training area in San Diego. We provide a huge amount of heavy and specialty bags, treadmills, bikes, a large padded training floor, and 2 elevated, full size competition Boxing rings, which allows multiple sparring sessions to be conducted at the same time.

We can also accommodate large Boxing tournaments, including Silver Gloves, Golden Gloves and other Regional/State/National qualifiers. If you are interested in utilizing our facility for a tournament, please contact us.


Besides our Boxing classes, we offer many other programs, all included for one low rate. Please click below for more info: