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Welcome to The Arena, San Diego’s Mixed Martial Arts gym. Ranked as one of the top Martial Arts schools in the United States, we’re also the single largest Martial Arts school in the U.S. With 170 classes a week at our San Diego gym, every one of our Martial Arts programs are the biggest of their type in one location in San Diego. We train Beginners to Pros in:

Not only recognized as the best San Diego MMA Gym, we’re known worldwide for the high level of instruction in all our Martial Arts programs. With a world class facility, 15 top level Coaches and ALL of our classes included for under $100 a month, we offer the best options for Martial Arts training in San Diego.

Boxing | Jiu Jitsu | MMA | Muay Thai & More

NO CARDIO KICKBOXING HERE. That’s right, we teach real Martial Arts and our students learn real skills. If you just want to hit bags for a “workout”, we’re the wrong choice. You don’t have to fight to train here, but you will train correctly.

No experience? Perfect. We’ll teach you the right way from the start. Want to Fight? We have everything you need to succeed. Already a Fighter? We run some of the best Fight Camps in the world for Amateurs and Pros.

So if you want one of the best Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA and Wrestling gyms in San Diego / California / USA, you found it.


Because we’re so confident we offer the highest quality and most comprehensive training options of any Martial Arts school in the United States, we offer a FREE TRIAL to prove it. Just register for your trial on this page and then come train, even if you’re visiting San Diego. Everyone’s welcome.